Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will C

01. No More Music By The Suckers
02. 7:58 (Prelude To A Rap Attack)
03. The Magic Is Here
04. New York Class
05. Keep Your Weapon
06. Wolvesville, USA
07. Don't You Know
08. Two and A Half Yo-Yos
09. Coolin' Out Upstairs
10. Yo It's Junk
11. Coffee Analogy
12. Mc Rajah Returns
13. No Mardi Bells feat. Biz Markie
14. More Powerful
15. My Homework
16. A Dream Team
17. On The Check In
18. Only Queens Appearance
19. Opera Music
20. And He Means That
21. Life's A Game
22. Three Cheers
23. Go Magic
24. Berrigan Backwards
25. You're A Peen
26. Chilly Q
27. Fornicate
28. Heavy D Sent Me
29. Clear Felony
30. WHBL Rewind & Classic Sign Off 1981
31. Super Blast

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Haroon said...

If you're a fan of early NY radio do yourself a favor and just buy this. Don't even download it, just buy it. You will like it. This is a small independent project that's incredibly unique so support it.

S.O.U.L. said...

I totally agree. I ordered mine yesterday

Also check out this:

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