Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DJ Eddie Def

01. A Very Furious Mixture of Noise
02. Slave To My Sound Wave
03. To Those DJ's That Think You're The Greatest
04. Quest Represent feat. DJ Quest
05. Cry Baby
06. Break It Down Like This
07. Nickel Bag Sold In the Park
08. Manipulates Turntables
09. King of Rock
10. Keep This Frequency Clear
11. Drum Beat This
12. Head of The Devil
13. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
14. Cobain's Pain
15. Flare feat. DJ Flare
16. Demonic Forces
17. Round The World Mix
18. Hemp Lords Rap
19. Sometime's I Think I'll Kill You
20. Bass Waxin
21. Cold Kickin Ass
22. London
23. Turntables: The New Shit

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1 comment:

CBloom said...

Good shit. Folks need to recognize!

Also check out this:

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