Monday, April 11, 2016

DJ Mike Nice

01. Intro
02. 27 Years Old Freestylin'
03. Freestyle 1st Time On Stretch & Bobbito
04. Freestyle 2nd Time On Stretch & Bobbito
05. Another Day In The Projects (Demo To NY State Of Mind)
06. I'm A Villian (Demo To NY State Of Mind)
07. Freestyle 3rd Time On Stretch & Bobbito
08. Freestyle Wake Up Show
09. Memory Lane (Primo's Demo Mix)
10. Represent (Primo's Demo Mix)
11. Nas Will Prevail (Large Pro Demo Mix It Ain't Hard To Tell)
12. Who's World Is This (Rough Draft DJ Hollywood Session)
13. Life's A Bitch feat. AZ (Rough Draft Studio Session)
14. Life Is Like A Dice Game
15. True Dialect
16. Understading feat. Biz & AZ
17. Wake Up Show Promo
18. Freestyle In The UK
19. Deja Vu (Demo Later Used For Verbal Intercourse)
20. #1 With A Bullet (Demo)
21. On The Real feat. Cormega & Kamakazie (Unreleased Marly Original Version)
22. Don't Hate Me Now
23. Life's Gone Low
24. Tales From The Hood
25. New York (Unreleased Primo Hard 2 Earn Mix)
26. 2nd Coming
27. Untitled (Unreleased Primo Track)
28. High
29. Nas Will Rock (Unreleased Pete Rock Track)
30. Surviving The Times

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