Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mixtape Memories

The New York mixtape game has many legends, and of them all, DJ Doo Wop is most definitely one of the most influential. The Bouncemaster was putting in work as a DJ on the mixtape circuit starting in the early ‘90s, repping his Bronx borough with classic tapes that always had the dope, customized intros with him rhyming on them, and skillful mixes filled with the newest and hottest songs for the streets. And with his groundbreaking tape 95 Live, which has often been dubbed by hip-hop fans as the greatest mixtape ever, he gathered up a ridiculous lineup of star rappers—from Q-Tip to Raekwon to Busta Rhymes to Fat Joe to Guru—to spit never-before-heard freestyles exclusively for his tape, which would later inspire the likes of peer DJs like Tony Touch, DJ Clue, and more.
We caught up with Doo Wop earlier this week for our latest Mixtape Memories feature (he now has his entire mixtape collection for sale on one USB flash drive cop it here), and we got the inside scoop on his storied career as a leading mixtape DJ, from his early beef with Kid Capri, to the making of 95 Live and the equally if not doper 95 Live Part Two, to historic freestyles like Prodigy’s Jay Z diss that led to the infamous Summer Jam screen moment, and a pre-shot-nine-times 50 Cent mixtape appearance. Plus so much more, including the ins and outs of his mixtape hustle in New York City, the history of his Bounce Squad crew, recording a live mixtape with Tony Touch in Japan, collaborating with DJ Kay Slay, his unforgettable “Ten Tape Commandments” song, and DJing on tour for Guru in the latter years of his life. This one is special, mixtape fans. Bounce on ‘em, Wop.

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TallBlackMan Jones said...

Reading this article takes me back to that era. ....I can remember the trips hunting for mixtapes

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