Thursday, August 8, 2013

DJ Green Lantern


Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)
If you’ve ever heard a DJ Green Lantern mixtape, then you already know why he is so well-respected within the hip-hop community. His tapes are next level—from the crazy intros, to the sick scratches, to the blends, to the exclusive freestyles, remixes, and original production. There’s never a need to fast-forward. Just pop it in, and let it ride. Seamless. Detailed. Dope.
To continue with our Mixtape Memories series, we got on the horn with Green Lantern recently during a rare moment of relaxation (he’s been touring with Nas, DJing festivals, and holding down his weekly Invasion Radio show, among other things, all summer). For Part One of our interview, we discussed his early days coming up as a mixtape DJ in his hometown of Rochester, New York, how his work got on the radar of record label and industry heads in NYC, and his classic mixtape collaborations with Eminem/Shady Records, Jadakiss, and more. Plus, a look back at his upstate distribution grind, his view on “pause tapes,” and the production tricks that made him an Evil Genius.

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Toni GoHard said...

DJ Green Lantern is one of my favorites, this was good read!

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