Monday, July 15, 2013

DJ Books

And here's another one my man DJ Books keeps dropping those classic mixtapes.
01. The Hip Hop Difference Intro
02. Watch You Nuggets
03. Music (Fly Till I Die Blend)
04. Hitting Switches
05. Reign
06. Tell 'Em feat. Roz & Keith Murray
07. EPMD - Never Seen Before (Remix)
08. Full Cooperation feat. Def Squad
09. Feel It feat. Sy Scott
10. Headgames feat. 50 Cent & Keith Murray
11. Who's Booty
12. You're Welcome feat. Aaron Hall & Keith Murray
13. EPMD - Get Off The Bandwagon (Remix)
14. If You
15. Throw Ya Hands Up feat. B-Real & Redman
16. Soopaman Lover feat. Chico Debarge
17. Hostile feat. Keith Murray
18. Hostility feat. Def Squad
19. Do Your Thing feat. Aaron Hall
20. Hot 97 Interview
21. Hitting Switches
22. Ain't Me feat. Rick Ross
23. Now What's Up feat. Def Squad
24. Yeah Yeah Yeah feat. Busta Rhymes, Keith Murray, Jamal & Redman
25. Yeah Yeah, You Know It feat. Def Squad
26. React feat. Redman
27. The Game Freestyle feat. Def Squad
28. EPMD Rap City Freestyle
29. If You Don't Know By Now
30. So Wat Cha Sayin' (Revisited)
31. What Happend
32. Stay Real
33. Music (Remix) feat. Keith Murray & Redman

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