Thursday, February 2, 2012

DJ Irie


DJ Irie: I'm glad to announce that this year's Valentine won't suck. At least not as much as previous years. As the frequency of corny commercials start to increase (we in Holland got the pleasure to see James Blunt's ugly ass every other minute on TV japping about his Valentine Special) I am finishing my newest mixtape called: The Other Side Of Valentine. Now people that know me might be aware of the fact that I'm not the romantic type, and they might think I lost my mind getting myself involved in the weirdest Holiday known in Western society. So...
I decided to do what I do best and flip the script on the situation. Cause if there's love, there's always pain. Where you see happiness, you're pretty shore there will be some sadness. To make a long story short I chose a list of songs that taked about broken hearts, drug abuse, back stabbers, gold diggers and more.
Shoutout to KidEight for designing the artwork. Also big shoutout to the people that helped me pick the songs: DJ Friss, Vinyl Frontiers, Steven Engel, Menno Spiekers (Supreme Cuisine) and B-Boy Pater.

The Other Side Of Valentine is presented to you by Tha Original HipHop Blogspot .
Release date Februari 14th.

Tracklist (Keep in mind I'm still working on it, so it's not the final pick yet)

Les McCann - Save Your Love For Me 
Just Ice - Booger Bitch 
Jeru Da Damaja - da Bitchez 
Scarface - High Note 
Aretha Franklyn - One Step Ahead 
Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty 
Aretha Franklyn - One Step Ahead 
Slum Village - Fall 'N Love 
Mad Villian - Fancy Clown   
Organized Konfuzion - Why? 
Gangstarr - Ex To The Next Girl   
Grand Puba - Backstabbers 
Louis Logic - Best Friends  
Jerry Springer Skit 
Soul Position - Jerry Springer Episode 
Funkdubiost - Pussy Ain't Shit 
BDP - Love's Gonna Get Ya 
Atmosphere - Shoulda Know 
Brand Nubian - Slow Down (Nieuwe download) 
Phife Dawg - Bendova 
Drink Away The Pain 
Lost Boyz - Renee  
MC Lyte - I Cram To Understand You 
Everlast - The Letter 
Biz Markey - Young Girl Bluez  
Dr Phil Skit 
Slick Rick - Teenage Love 
Kool Keith Supergalactic Lover   
Cella Dwellaz - Perfect Match  
Ice-T Sex skit 
Slick Rick - Adults Only 
Nas - Knocking Boots 
Jaylib - Strip Club 
Frank & Dank Take Them Clothes Off 
Fatlip - You sitting on a goldmine 
NWA - A Bitch Is A Bitch 
Rob Swift - I'm Leaving

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