Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In this episode, ForAllMasters.com touches down in Brooklyn to visit the Mixtape Librarian himself: Tapemasta. Without a doubt, the authority on all things related to mixtapes, having amassed a collection of recordings numbering well into the thousands; Tape gives our listeners (and this self-proclaimed connoisseur) a real history lesson! Sharing our passion about this often overlooked aspect of hip-hop culture, he speaks at length about the important role the mixtape has played both in the music industry and his own life. True to form, you can also expect to hear plenty of shoutouts! Listen and learn.

Tapemasta: The time is now to show everybody what's really going on in the world of mixtapes ( There's 3 Generations of Mixtape DJ's )..Since people think MIXTAPES IS DEAD, then why do i have over 7000 downloads since March 2011..Reality is over here & believe me, some of you'll understand why i did all of this - believe me, i got what you was missing over the years..Enjoy the interview & share it on your Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Websites, etc..Shout to Nick from www.forallmasters.com for doing the interview with me..

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