Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poll Post Part 15

I'm listening a lot of Ron G tapes lately so i thought why not do a Ron G poll. You can vote for Mix 15, Waterbed 4ever, Flossin, The King Pt. 2, Back To School Pt. 2 or Mercury Jeep 93. Happy voting

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Anonymous said...

This is very dope.Is there link's for the Ron G. ( 1's in poll ) So people don't vote based on memory.It'd be cool to listen fresh.Then vote.

A few of them i haven't scene or heard since BigL (rip) use to walk'n.Rock n' Will's.Destroying mics.& Every customer '90-'91 was cop'n 52 breakbeats along with Ron G. treats.Thanks for posting.& Taking me back 20yrs....lovely.All need now is the link.Keep it Coming like Organized Konfusion's bside to STRESS.-Peace,@ L Gato

Also check out this:

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