Friday, November 23, 2007

Sabac Red

01. The Next Chapter feat.
02. Engage My Words (Remix) feat. Jus Allah, Wise Intelligent, Blue Sky Black Death
03. Fist Up feat. Hafaza
04. The Ritual Pt. 1 feat. Blue Sky Black Death
05. Rien D' Simple (Not Easy) feat. Dony S
06. Come On, Get Up feat. Skammadix
07. If I Could feat. Speach Impediments
08. Darkness Deepens feat. Ill Bill & Slaine
09. The Nine (Halftime Radio Show 9 Year Anniversary Freestyle)
10. I Speak feat. Authentic & Leslie Ivy
11. The Onslaught feat. King Syze, Vinnie Paz, & Planetary
12. Progress Demo Verse feat. DJ Prolific & Tempermental
13. Where Is The Change? feat. Revolution Of The Mind
14. Never That feat. Ecto One
15. Anywhere feat. Midaz & Blue Sky Black Death
16. Bleeding From The Eyes feat. Sou Abraham
17. Questions Need Answers feat. Taiyamo Denku
18. Shift Of The Earth feat. Blue Sky Black Death

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